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Academic Choices

In grades 3-8, our students work in four main academic areas: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. The individual courses within those major areas are wonderfully varied, and students do work outside of the computer-based assignments, as well— such as art, science projects, handwriting practice, etc. On their laptops, the coursework includes videos, animations, and interactive learning games that hold the interest of nearly every child.

In grades 9-12, Koala students have a choice of two programs. Our College Prep program gives students everything they’ll need for college admission, and requires the completion of 24 courses (6-per-year). Our General Studies program is intended for students planning to attend a technical school or a community college, so courses like advanced math and foreign language are omitted. The program requires the completion of just 16 courses (4-per-year), with each being just half the length of (and much less challenging than) the College Prep courses— although students receive a genuine and fully-accredited high school diploma, not a GED. Koala has something for every student!

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