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Koala has entered into a close working relationship with several of the country’s leading distance learning programs, which are fully-accredited, and have placed students in some of the very top universities in America. These programs are extremely popular with celebrities and the children of celebrities (movie and television stars, rock stars, etc.), as well as with young professional athletes, like those who represent the United States in the Olympics. Koala enrolls its students in these highly-regarded programs and we purchase our computer-based curricula from them, so your child’s actual diploma will be granted by one of these institutions— and he/she will be recognized everywhere as a fully-accredited graduate.

Parents have no need to worry if they move away, or if their child were to leave Koala for any reason before graduating; a transcript of that student’s work would be supplied easily, and that student could then transfer or enroll in any public or private school, anywhere in the country, receiving credit for grades and work already completed.

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