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Student Socialization

There’s much more to education than just academics, and in our Virtual Studies program, we provide ample opportunities for socialization. Because our program is a small one, our students tend to bond together quickly; it’s easy for any child to make and to keep friends at Koala. Many types of activities are conducted routinely, from sports to monthly Talent Days (where students get to perform), and we offer the world’s most amazing field trips.

Koala’s field trips have become legendary: we’ve gone swimming with dolphins, we’ve had an underwater photography contest while snorkeling in Key Largo, we’ve gone deep-sea fishing, we’ve gone parasailing 1,000 feet above Marco Island, we’ve gone indoor skydiving, we’ve traveled to Jacksonville to see the Miami Dolphins play the Jaguars, we’ve held scuba diving classes in a pool, we’ve ridden in the Presidential limousine, and we’ve gone to every theme park and water park in Orlando and Tampa multiple times.

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